Thursday, April 3, 2008

Voice Recorders

Here is a link for the recorders we are using in class. Alternatively, you can google "My little reminder" and get tons of hits.

They also sell them at radio shack, but they are more expensive.

Video and the Final Project

We will be working on video for the final project in the class. Due to a shortage of resources here in the department, and the amount of students working in video on campus for their final projects, I would recommend booking some time to check out a camera.

I recommend that you book this time now, for some time between April 16 and May 2nd. I would book two time periods to have the camera, one sooner in that time period and one in the middle.

This gives you a chance to shoot your video and have something to work with. Invariably, you'll need to re-shoot at least once, if not twice.

Book this now at the Technology Checkout Center here at UNR-

It's all free. But, I can't stress enough, to plan ahead, in order to do this project.