Thursday, April 3, 2008

Video and the Final Project

We will be working on video for the final project in the class. Due to a shortage of resources here in the department, and the amount of students working in video on campus for their final projects, I would recommend booking some time to check out a camera.

I recommend that you book this time now, for some time between April 16 and May 2nd. I would book two time periods to have the camera, one sooner in that time period and one in the middle.

This gives you a chance to shoot your video and have something to work with. Invariably, you'll need to re-shoot at least once, if not twice.

Book this now at the Technology Checkout Center here at UNR-

It's all free. But, I can't stress enough, to plan ahead, in order to do this project.


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seacret_cie said...

Hi katherine. I know I missed class last week, and I wanted to know if you assigned any reading over the weekend. I didnt see anything posted up here, but I wanted to ask you to make sure.

I really dont know any other way to contact you other than by phone, and I'm going to call you right now, actually...

anyways, you can email me back at Thanks.