Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Alisha Funkhouser


kevin said...

This was a good piece as well.

It was different from the rest, I think. It started out at a nice medium speed and trailed off to a slow sound, making use of repetition nicely.

I think this piece does a nice job with it's balance about halfway through, where you get a nice mixture of sounds and they differ from ear to ear, adding some nice depth to keep you interested.

The transitions at the end were well done, too, matching the speed and beat of the music.

Good Job!

Tedra said...

This was my favorite piece out of the bunch! I love how your piece didn't sound like a song but it still sounded interesting and well put together. Your transitions were impeccable! I especially like the voices in this piece as well. I like the fact that I can't tell what they're saying. You used such unusual beats in this mix. I just absolutely love this one! Fantastic work!

Analiese said...

I like how this piece just really had sounds and beats instead of music songs. I really liked it, it was interesting and put together really well. The piece continued to grab my attention. It had really unusal beats but I really like that about it.
Great work.

Danger Girl said...

I really like how this piece grows, it starts out very ambient and works in to a sort of scattered feel. It had many layers and continuing themes that made me want to know what was going on in the sound.

Peraldo said...

Good opening -building into the right ear. I liked the attention to experience in this piece. I felt it was constructed to draw you in and engage you. -The shifting sounds and the ebb and flow of music created this. I liked the combination of more silent moments too. Somehow, this piece read in my ears as a performance, and in that regard, it stood out from the others.

seacret_cie said...

This piece did a great job about building tension, and then alleviating it. It all seemed pretty natural, and it's clear that the artist was focused on one idea. It was all contiguous and kind of lulled the listener into tension and then out of it.