Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Arlene Mendibles


kevin said...

This piece was interesting -- I felt like it went by too fast. I don't know if it was the actual length or it just took a while to get into it, but it felt like it went by quickly.

I think this piece is too split in two sections -- and segmented exactly at the halfway mark almost. There's a very rough transition and it sounds like completely different music styles are together standing on their own (on purpose, or no?). I enjoyed the second half, I think, more than the first.

I think the second part flowed better, with a better mixture of sounds, but it had one rough transition that i'd consider working with a little. The beginning was slow and didn't seem to fit as much.

I think this piece has major potential if it was extended by another minute or two, with the two sounds tying up together in the end and going on together that way.

I also wish it didn't end so abruptly at the very end.

Good job!

Tedra said...

Interesting piece. I like how the piece just kind of puts you into a comfort zone for the first minute and then has an abrupt, yet smooth transition into new sounds. I also love "Shiny Toy Guns" (the band used towards the end). But I think that the transition in the middle of this piece was phenomenal! Fantastic work!

Analiese said...

I really liked this piece.
It think it really flowed together.
The first part for me was a little long and repetative, but I still liked the sounds. The second part was really cool and well crafted together. I don't know if it wasn't finished but I thought the piece ended a little to soon and would have liked to heard more. But maybe that was the point?

Alisha said...

I enjoy the electronic feel of the beginning and how it transitions with the piano. I feel that the transition after this point is a little harsh but I can't decide if this is a good or bad thing. It seems to kind of fit with the direction that that piece takes at that point with the sound clips getting more complicated. I found the middle to be the most interesting because you used many different sounds and samples. I didn't like how the piece just ends all of a sudden with no transition but I definitely understand that you had some technical problems which resulted in this.

Peraldo said...

I liked the opening to this piece the music that was incorporated right after. I thought the speed up of the sound that had been at the beginning towards the end was a nice touch. I liked the lyrics added in, as they added more weight to the piece. I think more could have been done with the ending. It ended abruptly, which is fine, but it sounded cut off.

seacret_cie said...

I liked how this song started and then sort of degenerated into something smooth.... then suddenly transitioned into something disjointed, then smoothly into a strong melody. It engaged me with that melody, but then suddenly ended. It seemed a bit shorter than the others, and I would have liked to hear it continue.

mai said...

I'm interesting the music and I like each sounds and the choice of the music is
If the connection of each sounds seem to need a little bit more work.