Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chase Daley


Alisha said...

Wow! This piece is great! There are so may different elements to it that continually build off of each other and add a depth that is extremely intriguing. Your transitions are incredible and I love the interaction of the sounds going from ear to ear. I really enjoy the little sound effects you've added such as the breathing and the heart beat. I found myself trying to visualize a scene as I was listening to your piece. I also enjoyed how sounds were manipulated and how voices were distorted and not audible. I can tell that a lot of work was put into the piece. The ending was also very interesting to me. I liked how it went from the violent hardcore screaming then transitioned into the birds singing.
This piece was composed very very well! Great Job!

Peraldo said...

Wow. Well done. I heard and saw a story throughout this piece. Your transitions were for a purpose. I felt like I went into a place when listening to it. Some words that came to mind at the middle and towards the end: fear, result, flashback, battle, fear, response. I saw so much stuff in this work because so much thought was put into it. -Mature piece of work.

seacret_cie said...

This piece was eerie to me. I liked the transitions and the crescendos made with the booms. The underlying distortions were nice as well, and contributed to the errieness of this... As the distortions intensified, so did the tension, but I recognized a song in that distortion and kind of got into the melody. I know that those distorted metal songs were meant to disturb, but I think that it didn't disturb me that much, because the melody was so apparent. (besides, i listen to that kind of music...) I think this was very well crafted and the ending was nifty... I want to listen to it again because I want to hear those songs again.. It's interesting that, even though those parts were the most disruptive and chaotic, I want to listen again because I crave the pattern/melody. Its interesting how my mind wants to grasp those parts, even though they're the most 'ugly.'